Do I need a migration agent or an immigration lawyer

When it comes to legal matters, the first thing comes to mind is to go and speak to a lawyer. However in Australia (and some other countries), in particular when it comes to Immigration Law matters, your first point of contact is a Registered Migration Agent (RMA).


How to Migrate to Australia as an Accountant

At the time of writing this article (24th of October 2016), the writer acknowledges that as an accountant or recent accounting graduate it would be most difficult to secure a job position as well as obtaining permanent residency in Australia through that occupation, however with a proper planning permanent residency is easily obtainable. If you wish to plan your permanent residency in Australia contact us today for personalized consultation.

Migration to Australia as an accountant has gone through ups and downs in the recent years.

Australia’s permanent migration program in 2015-16

Australia’s permanent migration program in 2015-16 has delivered outcomes to meet the nation’s skills and economic needs to facilitate family reunions according to Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton.

The majority of the 190,000 places available for permanent migration came from the Skilled Stream (128,550) or 68 per cent of the programme.

Most of the skilled visas went to Employer Sponsored State and Territory Government Sponsored and the Regional Skilled category to help fill critical skills needs.


About Us

Nic Soltani has changed the way Australian migration agents operate globally by utilising techology in law practice. Only a handfull of migration firms in Australia acutally invest in their IT systems. Many still choose to rely on paper and printers for their migration work. Additonally, Nic has gone beyond and entered the realm of Review Tribunals. Nic represents clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal almost every month. Nic enjoys helping people in need whom their visas have been refused or cancelled and loves the challenge of Review Tribunals.