What is Decision Ready Checklist (DRC)

Employer Nomination Scheme and Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

ENS visa applications lodged after 11 October 2010 are eligible to access a Decision Ready Checklist system which is available to migration agents for employer sponsored permanent visas (ENS and RSMS). The Decision Ready Checklist may be provided at the time when a visa application is lodged. Once a Decision Ready Checklist he has provided it is no longer possible to add other supporting documents. ENS visa applications that carry Decision Ready Checklist are processed significantly faster (one month) than normal visa applications (6 months or more).

I want to lodge my application with a DRC. Why is it only available to Registered Migration Agents?

Because Registered Migration Agents are specialized in the Migration Law, they know the inside and outs of Department of immigration. Many of these agents such as Nic Soltani have been dealing with ENS visas for long time and have come across many applicants that had unique circumstances which required extensive research and correspondence. Experience accumulated throughout the years can be enormously help applicants achieve their goals with minimum risk and in a timely manner. After all time is money. Additionally if registered migration agent submits a Decision Ready Checklist this application to the immigration department which is not DRC ready, agent will receive one strike against them. Once we receive 3 strikes, we can no longer access the Decision Ready Checklist facility. Self-managed visa applications which have already been lodged cannot be DRC ready. At Soltani migration, we have been dealing with numerous ENS/RSMS cases since 2008 and we have 100% record of success which we are greatly proud of. Relying on that wealth of experience we can assist you to prepare and lodge a visa application and receive your visa with the minimum time. You may even risk visa refusals if you choose to lodge a visa application yourself, therefore it is only logical that you utilise the skills of registered migration agent.


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Nic Soltani has changed the way Australian migration agents operate globally by utilising techology in law practice. Only a handfull of migration firms in Australia acutally invest in their IT systems. Many still choose to rely on paper and printers for their migration work. Additonally, Nic has gone beyond and entered the realm of Review Tribunals. Nic represents clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal almost every month. Nic enjoys helping people in need whom their visas have been refused or cancelled and loves the challenge of Review Tribunals.