The power of Subclass 400 - temporary specialised work

Harvest the power of subclass 400 visa for your business.

Small businesses in Australia often struggle to find the right candidate from within the Australian labour market. This is primarily due to relatively small Australian labour force and large number of small to medium-sized businesses.

In one hand, Australian government has paved the way for small businesses to flourish quickly, on the other hand due to small population of Australia it is often difficult if not impossible to find the right candidate to fill in a position.

This issue becomes more prevalent, in particular for highly specialised and technical businesses, such as IT firms.

To alleviate this problem Australian immigration Department has, for many years encouraged businesses to utilise 457 temporary work visas to source out there technical staff from the global pool of talented task force, however due to entailed complexities and formalities, many small businesses lose that window of opportunity to bringing the talent they have acquired from overseas.

Global mobility has also become an increasingly popular trend within the cohort of highly specialised workers. They tend to apply for many jobs in different countries at once and the first business that offers them a job and secure their visa will get to utilise their skills.

Small businesses however may harvest temporary specialised work visa in their favour to avoid the typical complexities that are often associated with applying for long-term work visas.

The subclass 400 visa – highly specialised work stream is a 3 month work visa which allows a highly specialised worker to arrive in Australia to perform non-ongoing work.

However, if for genuine reasons the business decided that that non-ongoing work can be extended, they may apply to sponsor their staff to go on a long term work visa with less difficulty.

If you are lawfully operating a business in Australia and seek to bring in overseas talent across to Australia to perform specialised work which could lead to accelerating your success and business expansion, you may wish to consider bringing overseas talent on short-term work visa.

This not only allows you to test your overseas talent over a probationary period, he could also mean that you no longer lose the window of opportunity to attract the right candidate from disappearing elsewhere.

This process can be very complex and often extremely time-consuming. Failure to put in place one of many cogs may result in visa refusal.

Contact us today, if you are lawfully operating a business in Australia and wish to find out more about temporary short-term and long-term work visas to supply your businesses task force from the global pool of talent.

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