457 visa - how many days do I have after I losing my job

A recent change in the immigration law in relation to 457 visa means the holders of this visa who lose their job will have 60 days as oppose to 90 days to find a new job before their visa is cancelled.

Up until 19 of November 2016:

  • if a person held a temporary work visa in Australia; and,
  • and for whatever reason his or her employee-employer relationship with the sponsoring employer terminated; and,
  • the employer informed the immigration department of the sponsorship termination;
  • the employee (the person who held temporary work visa) would have received a letter from the immigration department informing that they will have 90 days to secure a new sponsorship or would face visa cancellation.

From 19 November 2016 this is being reduced to 60 days.

Condition 8107 is a condition that is attached to all 457 visas 

Nic Soltani has recently assisted a temporary visa holder who had lost his job due to redundancy and was unable to secure a new job position within the 90 days.

After extensive correspondence with the immigration department, Nic was able to convince that it is not in Australia's best interest that the visa should be cancelled.

In light of Nic's defence immigration department agreed not to cancel our client's visa until the end of his visa expiry date. Our client was able to secure another sponsor shorlty after and we assisted him with the transition from the old 457 temporary visa.


If you are on a 457 temporary work visa and facing the risk of redundancy or losing your job, Contact us immediately for a personalised visa planning.

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